About Us

Hi! Welcome! My name is Kate and the proud mother of two beautiful babies; Smith & River. 

My dream from my early teens was to own my own retail brand and create something that was sustainable, beautiful and available to everyone. I went to trade school to learn the ins and outs of the business and learnt how to produce high quality items behind a sewing machine. 

I’ve always had a creative streak and have even owned the same sewing machine for over 15 years, I couldn’t  dream of parting with it! My home was always filled with half finished projects and sketches of my next big idea. But I couldn’t quite find my niche. 

I spent the majority of my working career behind the counter or behind the scenes at retail store’s, continuing to day dream about my goal; and when it came time for my maternity leave I had my opportunity! 

I first started making bibs in 2019 following the birth of my son. He was… very good at spewing. 

I went through so many bibs and my laundry was just piling up. I bought so many different styles of bib from stores and nothing would last very long before being soaked through or ripped off.

I wanted something absorbent, hard to pull off and most importantly earth friendly. Countless days and nights looking up suppliers and I finally had everything I needed.

That hard work paid off, our bibs are super absorbent, hard to rip off, earth kind and can even handle food mess!

My continued goal is to create something not only value but extremely practical and beautiful at the same time. 

Being a mum myself I understand the never ending needs of a growing baby and the expense that comes with it. Everything I produce has been tried and tested and tried again to withstand the test of a growing baby.